Which gym ball to choose for which exercise?

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If the gym ball has several names: swiss ball, fitball, fitness ball, fitness ball, it comes from its long history . Designed in the 60’s, it was first used in hospitals for rehabilitation and physiotherapy. All names refer to the same large synthetic rubber balloon in size s, size m and size L.

He is ubiquitous in every professional fitness club since they discovered his flat stomach action.

How to choose it and for what use?

It is used for physical culture since 1990 because it is very accessible thanks to its price and the apparent ease of the exercises. However do not underestimate its ability to deepen the abdominal strap . The balancing work that it requires develops smoothly flexibility, coordination and strengthens the dorsal and lumbar musculature.

How big is the width of the balloon?

From 1.25 to 1.50 m. it will be necessary to choose the diameter of 55 cm;

From 1.65 to 1.58 m. it will be the diameter of 65 cm;

And at beyond 1.85 m, the diameter of 75 cm;

Your hips should be slightly above the knees when you sit your legs at 90 °. But if you want to work your limbs and not the trunk, it will choose the smallest ball 45 cm.

Typical exercises performed on round or oval ball

The oval balloon works according to the same principle of balance search:

To work on your abs, stand on your knees with the forearms on the gym ball and start rolling slowly to align the upper body with the lower one . You will trim your trunk and stretch the entire abdominal area to the glutes without digging the lumbar . Stay that way for 5 seconds and come back to your knees.

To strengthen the lumbar and the entire upper back, press your stomach on the fitball with your knees on the floor. Then take 1 kg in each hand and lift your arms until your back is straight and the shoulder blades are close together while blowing. Inhale while relaxing.

Where to buy it and other practical information

You will be able to buy your balloon in all the sports shops for a price ranging from 12 € to 30 €. Read the description to acquire a gym ball without phthalates and resistant to bursting. If you are at the upper limit of the size, it is possible to less inflate the balloon and reduce its height.

The gym ball has become a fun accessory must. It is used for a complete musculation of the deep muscles and to fight against the scourge of the century: backache.

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