When and how to do traction to build muscles effectively?

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By being considered quite difficult, pulling exercises are often put aside in the weight rooms. Yet, it is the king of bodybuilding full body. There is no more effective.

Tractions and muscles

Tractions well done are sufficient to build the whole upper body . Moreover, they can even replace the series of abs or daily pumps that help to strengthen the triceps.

To succeed in the exercises of pulls, it is enough to rise, arms well extended, thanks to a catch by pronation, in supination or neutral, until the nape is at the level of the bar. It is necessary to keep the body straight and well wrapped, legs bent, avoiding bending your head back . And during the descent, we must control the movement.

The benefits of tractions every day

The tractions are very beneficial to build the upper body. However, the benefits differ depending on the shot. For example, traction with a pronation grip makes it possible to work the dorsals well in width while with a supine or neutral grip, it is the thickness of the dorsals that are worked.

Also, with tight arms, the biceps muscles are targeted by the exercises . On the other hand, with the arms apart, it is rather the dorsals that are targeted. And if you prefer to thicken your bust rather than having a V-shaped morphology , use horizontal pulls instead of vertical pulls.

How many sets of daily tractions to build muscles?

The experts manage to train with 100 tractions a day, but to start 30 tractions a day would be ideal, and this about 2 times a week.

However, in order to avoid traumatizing the muscles, it is necessary to alternate the catches and to make, for example, 10 supine, 10 pronation and 10 supine traction units.

To get a better bicep muscle, one-handed pulls can be very effective , but wait until you ‘re experienced so you do not get hurt.

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