What sports to do when you have knees?

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There is a kind of contradiction when you have knee pain because physical activity is essential for the well being of the joints but knee pain prevents many sports. So how do you do it?

Long live swimming!

Swimming is the ideal sport for Nature Crave Keto everyone , from the youngest to the oldest! Even in convalescence after an injury, it is not uncommon to find yourself in a swimming pool to resume physical activity gently or to continue to stimulate muscles and joints, gently!

So get your jersey out of the closet, it’s time to go swimming. Be careful however with the swim you choose because breaststroke is strongly discouraged if you suffer from knees. So choose the crawl, it’s softer . There are other solutions that are just as beneficial: aquabike or aquagym!

The bike, a real good plan!

The bicycle allows you to follow a sports course while taking care to relieve the stresses at the level of the joints. Indeed, by bike, no shocks! It is obviously not a question of leaving for an intense effort in all terrain but rather a moderate effort on the flat.

The daily walk

It is obviously necessary to remain attentive and watch for the slightest change in pain, but walking is always good for health, even for people suffering from osteoarthritis. In this way, gently, you continue to exercise your muscles and joints without hurting them. Thirty minutes a day is a good way to go.

Indoor meeting!

And yes, gyms are possible . Today, these places do not only offer possibilities for intensive bodybuilding or very physical fitness. You will find yoga or pilates classes which are gentle sports . This allows you to work your muscle mass without straining your knees excessively.

Solutions exist to take care of your body without worsening the general condition of your knees. Quite the contrary. Nature Crave Keto Reviews Staying active is essential.

If in doubt, your doctor’s advice will help you see more clearly and choose the best sport possible.

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