What foods to lose weight calves?

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The calves are among the most visible parts of the body . It is therefore important to refine them to have a more beautiful silhouette. Note also that if they are too big, they can generate a certain complex .

These are caused by three muscles that give it this rather bulky aspect. Many other factors can also cause this phenomenon such as overweight or water retention.

Therefore, you must make a diet to lose weight and refine the silhouette.

The right food program to refine a targeted area

In the case of overweight, you need to adopt a balanced and varied diet . Indeed, the general weight loss also allows for thinner calves.

It is important to focus on white meat , good fatty acids, seafood, low fructose fruit such as pineapple and lemon .

Your list should also include high fiber vegetables like asparagus. Magnesium-rich foods are also allies of size for the elimination of overweight calves .

You should also avoid the consumption of processed products such as chocolate , cold cuts or soft drinks.

The importance of a good diet to eliminate water retention

This phenomenon is explained by the presence of water under the skin, which gives the calves an abnormal size. As a result, you need to adopt the tips to solve this problem.

The best thing is to reduce salt intake . If it seems to you that your dishes are not well seasoned, then you should avoid adding any.

Also avoid eating prepared foods where the salt dose is high enough. You can focus on foods and diuretic drinks such as green tea .

These help your body to more easily eliminate water and toxins accumulated in your body. You can also opt for lymphatic massages from experts in the field.

Exercises suitable for thinner calves

To slim down your legs, you need to focus on exercises specially designed for your lower body . Practicing this trick can help you significantly reduce the size of your calves in a few weeks.

This technique also helps to fight against the poor blood circulation that can cause the sensation of heavy legs . You can start your fitness sessions with an easy exercise.

You just have to face the wall and put one leg behind the other and bend the other. Place your hands flat on the wall while you push the full weight of your body forward. Hold for 15 seconds before changing legs.

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