What exercises to gain mass?

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If you do not have muscles, know that you can gain muscle very quickly by putting in proper training and follow some exercises that will help you gain weight. Here are exercises to gain mass.

Squats to take the mass

Squats that aim to gain volume and muscle mass target certain vital physiological points such as connective tissues, bones and muscles. Effectively to have mass by keeping the functions of the body intact, it is necessary to take a good step, in addition to your muscles, the strengthening of the bones ( walking , tennis, jogging, aerobics …) as well as tendons and ligaments .

Whether for strength, muscle mass or cardio . You will find the squat everywhere! This is the basis of many exercises.

The clean and jerk

It’s an exercise where you can put more weight. This exercise to force you will still give you a massive physique!

Weightlifters are athletic because they lift a lot of weight . This exercise to force you will still give you a massive physique! They raise their hormone levels by having a high metabolism.

Thus, the clean and jerk is a sport activity that involves a lot of muscles: it is possible to put a lot of weight. This exercise also involves a lot of muscle and flexibility. You need a lot of explosiveness to succeed in this exercise!

It is thus a complete exercise for the muscular mass. It is recommended to do some weightlifting. You can find it in sports such as athletics, crossfit, etc.

The crossfit for muscle mass

You can do these forms of basic sessions that can be found at crossfit.

A degressive series

The goal is to finish the whole series as soon as possible

Here is a typical session: 21 – 18 – 15 – 12 – 9 – 6 – 3 and the exercises are:

  • The swing • The burpees • The calories rower

The goal is to achieve 21 bures, 21 swing, 21 calories rower, and 18 swing … and so on until the number 3 is reached. You can manage your effort as you wish, but the goal is to finish the series as quickly as possible.

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