Typical program of the Tabata method

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With a duration of 4 minutes, it is the shortest interval training of high intensity (HIIT) that is. The HIIT according to Tabata alternates short periods of cardio or weight training and even shorter periods of rest.

The Tabata protocol has been proven more effective than an hour of running or traditional cycling to burn calories.

Some Tabata exercises types for beginner and advanced

If you are a beginner, start with 2 sets and progress to 4 sets each . You can install a tabata timer for smartphone because the alternation 20 seconds of training and 10 seconds of rest is always the same.

Example of Tabata protocol that works arms, legs and abdo strap:

1) Run mountain climbers or climber exercises and proceed to a series of push ups or pumps. 2) Make a series of side lunges also called side slits and alternate with a series of squats called flexions / extensions. 3) Now do high knees or knee lifts and then jumping jacks or jump with lateral gap.4 ) Finally perform burpees or pumps in French and finish with flutter kicks or scissors.To focus on the chest add a series of pec fly static and dynamic. You can also choose your favorite sports: swimming , boxing or rope jumped.

Does Tabata High Intensity Fractional Training Lose Weight?

Fitness enthusiasts have adopted the Tabata protocol to sculpt a super athletic physique or a tapered silhouette. These professionals will apply the protocol every day, but the less assiduous candidates should insert rest days and be limited to 2 or 3 times a week.

If four minutes seem short on paper, during the session, they will be more difficult to hold. The goal is to increase the VO2max (oxygen consumption by the body) and therefore the maximum speed and maximum aerobic power to produce the afterburn effect burns fat another 24 hours after the effort.

Benefits and origins of the legendary method

It was developed in the 90s during the training of the Olympic speed skating team by a Japanese teacher: Izumi Tabata assisted by the coach of the skaters. This famous professor is at the origin of studies to determine what kind of training: HIIT as opposed to endurance had the most benefits but he does not claim the paternity of the protocol itself. Athletes and gyms around the world have adopted method that tends to confirm its effectiveness.

How many times a week and which sports depends therefore essentially on the objectives and the initial condition.

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