Typical Exercises of the Insanity Program

Weight Loss

If you want to take control, lose your extra pounds, have a beautiful figure and tone yourself, just follow the typical exercises Activate Keto of the program Insanity. Discover here the exercises of this program to carve your body and lose weight quickly.

The kick switch

The kick switch is an exercise in the Insanity program . To perform this exercise, stand up in a place that suits you, kick in front of you with your left leg and then with your right leg. When you change your leg, you have to make a jump . The kick or kick successful must reach the height of the size. For a given kick or kick, do a repetition (1 kick = 1 repetition).

Power knees

This exercise is done on one side, so you can choose the left or right side to achieve it. Once you have chosen the side, bend your leg so that the knee is at the height of your waist and then touch the knee with your hands. Then drop the leg on the ground and repeat this movement trying to be faster.

Power Jacks

This exercise is similar to jumping jack , but you have to go down to a squat position when you open your legs. When you are sure that you are in a good squat position (your back is straight, the glutes are out), you have to go down until you can be sitting , your feet a bit open to the outside.

This physical exercise improves your aerobic and physical resistance by working in a small space. It is perfect for discontinuous muscle workouts to increase your heart rate.

Power Jumps

It is an exercise that requires a good physical condition. To do this, you have to jump to bring the knees to the height of the waist . It is advisable to make a series during your test, take a break to take the breath and start a second series. By the end of this exercise, you will definitely be out of breath!

Push-up jacks and oblique low plank

These two exercises begin in the board position and help you lose weight very quickly.

push-up jacks is actually an enhanced push-up. To do your exercise, put yourself in plank position . Then go down in a Activate Keto Reviews push-up position keeping your legs apart. When you go back up, you have to bring your legs back together.

Start your oblique low plank in plank position on your elbows. Then bring the knee to your arm, you can start with the right knee and then link with the left knee. It is an exercise that requires a lot of abs and helps to slim down healthy.

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