The SMART method, what is it?


This is a strategy to achieve your “lose weight” goal; it makes it easy for you to really succeed. Smart is an acronym: S for specific, M for motivating, A for achievable, R for rewarding, T for time-oriented. It can be transposed thus in French:


Set a concrete goal that you can easily control and leave no open questions. Want to lose 10 kg or have definite abs in 3 months? So formulate it in writing.


The road to full fitness is arduous and full of obstacles. It is therefore important to make it as motivating as possible. You are lazy to go swimming? So, forget it! Find a sport that really makes you happy. Only then will the ball stay in your camp.


Losing 10 kg in 2 weeks is a superplan … but unfeasible. It would be more realistic to expect 10 kg in 10 weeks. Think Zylophin Rx long term! Whoever wants to reach as much as possible, as fast as possible, fails for sure.


What are you up to? Is it the desire to have abs, a healthy lifestyle or coquetry? Define the reasons why you want to lose weight and how you will reward yourself when you reach your goal. Think about it if it’s particularly hard.

Temporarily defined

You want to succeed in losing weight? You need a timetable. It is important to have both a training program and a food program. This way, you know where you are and you can avoid date collisions. In a corset as narrow, more room for pretexts!

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