The Meer method to lose weight?

Weight Loss

Contrary to popular beliefs, you do not have to follow a diet with many restrictions to lose weight . There are other simpler and less restrictive solutions to achieve this.

Among these, there is the Meer method, a method invented by Nathalie Meer, a neuro-behavioral coach in nutrition.

But what is it exactly? And what are Advanced Keto Thermo the results that can really be expected? So many questions we answer here.

The principles of the Meer Method

This method has been the result of years of study and research in areas such as behavioral neurology, cell biology and nutritional physiology. It is based on the principle that an overweight situation can not be solved by simply changing dietary habits.

We must go back to the source of the problem, the brain. This amounts to analyzing and modifying the behaviors that drive eating, and more specifically to external factors such as stress and negative emotional states. According to the Meer method, the accumulation of fat in a person’s body is due to their difficulty coping with the difficult events of their life. She then takes refuge in the food to try to drown her sorrow.

The course

It all starts with an interview with a slimming coach who must first give his opinion on your current situation and present the method so that you can find out if it suits you. After this interview, the supervisor takes stock of your situation and a personalized treatment program spanning a period of between 5 and 12 months. The sessions take place at home, at your office, by Skype or by phone.

The 3 main stages of the Meer Method

The very first is a reeducation about the feeling of hunger . At this point you will learn to distinguish a real hunger from a fake, and to stop the restrictions and substitutes in your diet. This amounts to eating only when you are hungry and to take the meals you want until you get a feeling of fullness.

The second phase is that of the management of food-compulsive crises such as bulimia . With the help of the coach, you will learn among other things not to throw you on food to calm you, but rather to find other more suitable solutions. The third and final step will be to learn to cope with stressful everyday situations without having to resort to food.

Unlike most diets that recommend Advanced Keto Thermo REVIEWS to modify the contents of your plate to lose weight, the method Meer proposes rather to use your brain to get there. It is easier to follow because it does not contain any particular restrictions and its results are sustainable.

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