The hydrosol to drain?

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Cellulite is particularly difficult to eliminate: even when it slows down, it clings … To overcome, remedies to drink have good press . If you’re a fan of organic food, are you wondering whether hydrosols can help you drain your cellulite?

Well, yeah ! Derived from the distillation of an aromatic plant, some hydrolates actually have anti-cellulite properties.

The draining virtues of organic hydrolats

If drinking more can limit water retention , and therefore cellulite, drinking water rather than water may be more effective. But not just any one: each plant having its particular virtues, it is advisable to choose carefully.

Among the anti cellulite hydrolates, we can mention cypress water : diuretic and draining, but also toning, it acts against Tier 2 keto cellulite both internally and externally.

Other hydrolates can also help to relieve the tissue affected by orange peel: this is the case of cedar hydrosol , water of immortelle , watercress hydrosol or even juniper water.

Anti cellulite recipe: synergy of hydrolats to drink

To enjoy all the draining benefits of hydrolats , do not hesitate to combine them in a mix to do yourself :


  • cypress hydrosol
  • immortelle hydrosol
  • juniper hydrosol
  • Preparation
  • Each morning, dilute the three hydrosols, one teaspoon each, in one liter of fresh water.
  • Consume the whole liter throughout the day. Take a three-week course.

Other benefits of draining hydrolates

In addition to reducing your cellulite, a draining hydrolate cure will help you regain lighter legs , as well as detoxify your body gently.

You will also be better protected against urinary infections (thanks to cypress), against painful periods (thanks to immortelle, also beneficial for the respiratory tract) or against digestive disorders (thanks to juniper).

Do not hesitate to try an external use , for a daily slimming massage : associated with a few drops of peppermint essential Tier 2 keto Reviews oil (15% dilution) and a little vegetable oil (for good penetration) , the hydrolats are very firming.

Affordable and natural, hydrolats also have the advantage of having few contraindications, unlike essential oils .

On the other hand, they are poorly preserved, especially if they are pure. Consume them quickly!

Hydrolats, what is it for? In case of cellulite, to erase the cellulite faster ! And for more efficiency, think of associating them!

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