The aquabike to overcome the big calves?

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The aquabike combines three essential benefits for slimming calves: energy expenditure through the practice of physical activity, action against water cellulite and water retention through a pressotherapy effect in the water, and finally the decongestion of the calf fat cells by the lymphatic drainage practiced by the movements of water.

What to do to lose calves with aquabiking?

To refine a muscle, it is necessary to focus on endurance to the explosive , on pain of seeing instead its muscles swell and grow under the effect of violent solicitations.

A tonic and regular aquabiking pedaling is ideal for fine tuning the calf muscles, through the combined effect of pedaling movements and the massaging effect of water. Just avoid abusing excessive sprints.

When are the results visible?

An aquabiking session lasts maximum 45 minutes . Depending on the configuration of the pool or pool, the time required to install and remove the bikes in the water before and after the session may slightly reduce this time.

Similarly, as for any sport, it is necessary to warm up before and stretch well after. the effective time of aquabiking is therefore generally between 35 and 40 minutes, which proves already sufficient.

The resistance in the water is greater than in the air, such a session can consume 300 to 500 calories. At the rate of 2 to 3 weekly sessions, the first results on your calves will be visible at the end of the second month.

The other benefits of aquabiking

The calf muscles largely support the weight of the body. Especially the twin muscles of the back and upper calves . The more you pedal, the more you spend, the more you lose weight, and the less you use the calf muscles that will naturally decrease.

Another benefit, pedaling in water stimulates blood circulation, which allows deflation of the lower limbs of the body, including calves. Not only will they actually decrease in volume, but in addition they will be less inflated at the end of the day, decreasing the sensation of heavy legs.

Eliminating water retention problems while losing weight is a virtuous circle.

The aquabiking is one of the most effective exercises to lose weight in general and calves in particular, while spending a good time in water at a pleasant temperature.

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