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Skin Care

What would women do without makeup? It is important to know how to choose a good makeup

That makeup that goes well with our personality leaving beautiful skin, allows us to look from natural to sophisticated, depending on the occasion or our mood. However, it is essential to have products for the care of our skin to keep it healthy, hydrated, and protected.

To take care of the skin and keep it beautiful, it is essential to acquire a cleaning routine, which serves before and after makeup. The first thing is to use products according to our skin type,   in the morning and at night. The application of these should include cheeks, forehead, nose, chin and neck, giving an upward circulatory massage. Even if you do not put on makeup, it is essential to remove pollution, sweat, secretions, impurities and dead skin cells.

Makeup removal every night is a must. Not removing makeup one night and not removing makeup is a dermal catastrophe. In this way, the pores become clogged, unable to breathe; which stimulates the appearance of acne breakouts and infections, devitalizing the skin.

How to choose a good makeup?

You can maintain the balance between healthy skin and makeup at the same time:

Look for a makeup enriched with natural ingredients.

Avoid makeup that has petroleum-derived components such as parabens, methylparaben, benzoate, toluene, petrolatum, among others.

The bases improve the appearance of our skin, but avoid thick bases that can clog your pores.

Remember that there are many infections and skin problems from the use of incorrect makeup, so it is important to know how to choose. If a makeup is not good for your skin, you will notice it from the beginning as it is very likely to produce a reaction.

All cosmetics have a duration, when their expiration approaches they change color, consistency, and even a change of smell is possible. Be careful! The use of expired cosmetics can irritate the skin until it causes cracking or infections.

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