Partial repetitions for muscle growth


Partial repetitions are carried out unfinished repetitions, with the purpose of increasing muscle mass gains, known as performing them.

The partial repetitions , as the name implies, is a training method which is carried out you repeat unfinished , in order to increase profits muscle mass through optimizations in the number of total reps made, or by the increase in the amount of weight lifted.

Since it is an additional tool Mass M1x Reviews to encourage muscle gain, this type of training should be reserved for intermediate or experienced athletes, in which it is more difficult to keep a steady growth with the typical exercises that a rookie athlete can perform and with which he would benefit greatly.

That said, it is understood that partial repetitions cannot be adopted as a method of constant training, but rather as a way of reinforcing the routine, by applying more work, but without exposing the body to greater wear, which it would encourage a recovery of the fibers, much faster.

Partial repetitions to increase the number of repetitions

One of the most striking advantages of partial repetitions is that they allow a greater number of total repetitions to be achieved, thus increasing the intensity of training, and thus, further stimulating the growth of lean mass.

An example of how to carry out this training is by means of the standing military press, using a weight in relation to the maximum capacity of the athlete. It is recommended to start the series with five common repetitions and from there, increase from 5 to 10 partial repetitions. It is important that either at the time of raising or lowering the load, the route is only halfway. In this way the work done will be much greater than when performing between 8 and 10 common repetitions, so that the muscle can obtain a greater benefit.

Partial repetitions to increase the value of the charges

Partial repetitions also allow handling much higher weights, which approach 90% of the 1RM of each athlete, so naturally, the intensity of the exercise is significantly increased.

A well-trained athlete who has 1RM of 120 kilograms in bench press, to mention an example, will be able to lift this load at each repetition, but only once. However, when making a much shorter route, or in this case in half, the athlete would have the possibility to lift that same weight several times, or even work with higher loads of up to 150 kilograms, to the extent of carrying Perform several repetitions.

In this way, when doing lifts that constitute at least 90% of maximum 1-repetition, the muscle can have a considerably greater benefit, since the fibers of the same are subjected to a greater amount of stress.

Data to consider

It is very important to emphasize that due to the intensity of the exercises, these are only reserved for people who have been practicing for years in the gym, and therefore have already a great experience in the field, so that their bodies and minds are better prepared for more explosive situations when performing the routine.

In the same way, and as already mentioned, partial repetitions should not be adopted as frequent training methods, since subjecting the body to much more complex work with some regularity, could lead to suffering from overtraining and even muscle catabolism .

This type of routines is excellent for Mass M1x those athletes in stagnation stage, especially for those who find it difficult to continue getting results naturally, only through the typical multialticular exercises.

When doing the partial repetitions, it is important to have the support of a metal support or smith machine, or else be accompanied by a friend who can attend any eventuality.

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