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In bodybuilding, the dry is an important phase to make sure to have a well drawn and traced body. That’s why, during this stage, it is essential to adopt a good diet in order to get rid of fat as much as possible and at the same time keep as much muscle as possible.

What are the foods to choose? Are there recipes or menus? Although each person has his culinary preferences, find here some menus adapted to the dry period.

Typical day: sport menu for dry

Since in bodybuilding, physical activity is useless without a balanced diet , here is a typical menu for 4 days.

Day 1

– Morning : 1 egg + 20g of ham + 2 slices of bread- Lunch : 70g of chicken breast + 250g of raw vegetables – Evening : 70g of red meat + 250g of cooked vegetables + fruits

Day 2

– Morning : 1 egg + 35 g ham + 1 slice wholemeal bread – Noon : 200g vegetables + 35 g rice- Evening : 100 g of cheese 0% + 75 g fat fish

Day 3

РMorning : 1 egg + 70g lighter yogurt + 1 fuit- Midi : 40 g chicken breast + 220g crudit̩s- Dinner : 70 grams of red meat + 70 g of pasta

Day 4

РMorning : 50 g of Muesli + 150 g of fromage blanc + 1 capsule of omega-3- oat : 150 g of crudit̩s + 150 g of salmon baked in the oven + 1 compote of fruit without sugar РEvening : 200 g of mixed vegetables + 100 g of chicken breast + 1 fruit

Note that it is entirely possible for you to vary the dishes according to your desires . Especially since some people prefer to add a dietary supplement to their menu.

Foods to focus on during the dry season

In this phase, the foods that must be prioritized are as follows . First, the proteins. These are essential for the body to maintain the muscles. If you do not consume enough, your body will draw on its reserves , which subsequently reduce your muscle mass.

Then the lipids. Although it seems paradoxical, the body needs fat to lose fat. They are essential for the proper functioning of the muscles.

However, only those containing good fat, that is, those rich in unsaturated fatty acids, should be taken . Finally, carbs, the ones you need to reduce the most. Why ? Simply to push your body to tap into the reserves and make your fat a source of energy. Also, favor those whose GI is weak.

Also, do not forget to eat vegetables for vitamins and minerals . Remember, we are here to have a perfect body and not a fragile health!

A tip for a sportsman in a dry season

It is important to mention that during this phase, the basis is to consume fewer calories than usual . To achieve this goal , the ideal is to reduce your calorie intake by consuming a balanced diet . In parallel, increase your expenses with physical activity.

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