Longevity: what if the key was in the muscles?

Weight Loss

For more than ten years, the challenge has been to identify the intolerances of individuals in order to allow them to live longer. Many analytical laboratories offer their solutions by testing food.

However, these are not enough to ensure better longevity. So what are the secrets of a long life? To take the example of the Rapid Fast Keto Boost population living in the mountains of Sardinia and reaching the age of 100, we can say that there are many causes that can explain this longevity.

Food of course , but not only. Physical activity and social ties. In reality, studies have shown that muscles can also be linked to this longevity.

Food is not enough to live long

Adopting a suitable diet obviously has many health benefits. However, this is not the only reason which explains a significant longevity. By comparing several populations, scientists have put forward a fairly impressive finding. Men who live longer have higher body mass compared to men who live shorter.

Among women, this difference is even more marked . These are real differences in physical characteristics that have absolutely nothing to do with diet. They are the unique fruit of physical activity. What is the relationship between physical activity and longevity? Quite simply, people who practice the most sports, such as bodybuilding, for example , develop muscle mass. Their risk of dying prematurely is thus greatly reduced compared to others.

The beneficial effects of muscles on longevity

The presence of muscles is all the more important as it effectively fights against attacks by bacteria and viruses.

Our immune system finds its energy in white blood cells, which are proteins. To allow them to multiply and attack the virus present in the body, these cells have an important need for proteins.

The best place to have it, of course, is muscle tissue. In fact, muscles represent more than 70% of the proteins present in the human body.

If we lose muscle mass, our immune system will become less resilient and reactive when it has to face a new enemy. Rapid Fast Keto Boost Reviews The other consequence of this is that the excessive loss of muscle mass will lead our body into a chronic inflammatory state.

Hence the importance of playing sports and developing muscle mass to live longer . You now know the well-kept secret of longevity!

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