Indoor sports: what machine for what effect?

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Physical activity in a gym is the best way to lose weight in a general or targeted way. Indeed, not all machines are designed for cardio or bodybuilding. It does not necessarily come in the room to lose belly or to thin the thighs.

So how do you know which device for which muscle? If this is the question you ask yourself, losing weight and muscle will no longer have any secrets for you with the following information.

Indoor sports: machines to refine the upper or lower body

The elliptical trainer: the cardio training machine

It allows to work the cardio, the calves , the back of the thighs and the glutes. The principle is similar to that of a running. Doing it is also good for the abdominals. So if you want to have a flat stomach avoiding drastic exercises that work abs , it is quite possible to use this machine. To do this, you just have to stand up straight and pedal, without holding the sleeves.

The Stepper

This machine is used to strengthen the buttocks . This is to reproduce stair exercises. In doing so, you work more specifically the muscles of your thighs and those of your calves. Apart from that, doing so helps to eliminate long-term cellulite on the lower part of your body.

The treadmill

It is used to work all the lower body: legs, thighs, glutes … It is especially for those who prefer to run and lose fat in the most natural way. Indeed, this is the best and easiest way to burn calories , 1000 kcal per hour. To work on your abs, you can put your carpet tilt.

Rower: the machine for an effective effect on the whole body

With this fitness equipment, the whole part of your body is asked to move . In this sense, you will perform actions that can strengthen the back, abs, biceps, triceps or hamstrings. How to use it ? As the name suggests, the rower calls for rowing . In this sense, your movements will focus on two points: the draw and the return.

Once you are settled, you will push on your legs until your arms flex. That done, you bring it all back, and you start again. Be sure to keep your back straight until the end of the exercises.

What is the use of a weight bench?

Do you wonder every time you go in the room “What muscle bench? ” In fact, this is the perfect tool for a complete fitness session . By using it, you can build your back, chest, buttocks or arms. In short, it serves as a support for your exercises. However, to work some muscles, you need dumbbells.

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