How to prepare your own isotonic drink at home

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We give you the instructions and the necessary ingredients to make a sports drink at home in a simple way.

Water is undoubtedly the source of life par excellence for all beings that inhabit the planet. In the case of us humans, it is estimated that about 75% of our body is composed of water, this being the main reason why drinking a significant amount daily is essential to keep the body’s functions working at maximum capacity. and thus guarantee us optimal health.

Drinking eight glasses of water a day is Ultra Keto Boost the amount that is recommended to achieve this goal, however, we can say that it is a merely symbolic number, since the hydration requirements of a person can vary depending on the weather, weight and Of course, daily physical activity. A high performance athlete will necessarily need to drink at least twice or more water to keep his body in an optimal state, compared to a person who spends much of his day-to-day rest.

However, we must bear in mind that drinking such amounts of water can be counterproductive, especially when an adequate hydration plan is not followed, because although it may be difficult to believe, the human body can become drowned when the water inflow is suddenly and exuberantly. That is not to mention that also, due to the extra weight that the body must carry, physical performance will be unquestionably affected.

This is where isotonic drinks come into play, those used by the most demanding professional athletes to maintain an adequate hydration rate despite the great effort involved in their training sessions.

These, also known as sports drinks, not only have the function of rehydrating the athlete who consumes them, but also of replenishing lost nutrients with sweat, such as sodium, calcium, magnesium and potassium that play an important role in maintenance adequate body tissues (muscles and bones, for example). Some are even added with vitamins of the B complex, whose function is to help metabolize carbohydrates in a better way, leading to greater energy gain during exercise.

Types of isotonic drinks

Since more and more people are joining the fever of fitness and improving their quality of life, isotonic drinks have become increasingly popular, reaching the point that it is now possible to find different versions of You are, each one of them, designed to meet the requirements of different athletes, whether they are professionals or who simply exercise as a hobby.

Some are designed to rehydrate the body during exercise, allowing a much greater feeling of fullness without having to drink exaggerated amounts of fluid. Others, on the other hand, have the purpose of providing calories through simple carbohydrates (sugars) and focus on consumption for athletes who perform large physical activity sessions and who require energy to be able to keep up as time goes by. Marathoners, for example, are the most recurring users of this type of drinks, especially when they compete in races that exceed 10k.

People who train frequently and who aim to eliminate excess fat are not benefited by sugary isotonic drinks, since caloric intake can play a role against them when creating that deficit that is so necessary for oxidize adipose tissue.

Keep in mind that most isotonic drinks with sugar do not provide too many calories as you can believe (less than 200 per 500 ml, in general), however, you should also keep in mind that these calories are empty And with some exceptions, we can find some nutrients added in the formula, such as vitamins and minerals already mentioned above.

In spite of the great benefits that we can find in this type of drinks, the truth is that they also have some counterproductive points being that most commercial products are manufactured with large amounts of chemical substances such as artificial flavors and colors, as well as preservatives that Together, they can cause negative changes in metabolic rhythm and overall functioning of the body.

How to prepare a sports drink at home

Fortunately, the production of isotonic drinks is not limited to the large factories of soft drinks or sports supplements, as these can be easily prepared at home with the advantage that their preparation will always be especially an idea for those who want to consume it, in addition to the fact that it is 100% natural and too easy to prepare.

The N at home are:

  • 500 ml of purified water
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt in grain
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • The juice of one or two oranges (or any other citrus to choose)
  • 1 tablespoon of honey to sweeten

For the final preparation it is enough to add all the ingredients to the glass with water and stir with the help of a spoon to form a completely homogeneous mixture. Once this is done we can add some small ice cubes and enjoy as we need during the sports session.

It is a fact that the inclusion of these ingredients has not been done randomly or arbitrarily, as as mentioned above, the purpose of an isotonic drink is not simply to hydrate the athlete, but also to provide a series of nutrients that the body loses when sweating and that are so important for better performance and functioning of the body.

The reason for the use of the different ingredients is explained below.

  • Salt : This compound, which is obtained through the evaporation of seawater, has in its composition different minerals such as sodium and is part of 80% of the molecular structure. In addition, it also has other compounds such as trace elements, magnesium chloride, calcium, potassium, iodine and manganese. It is very important that at the time of choosing this ingredient we try not to be refined salt, since it is composed of 99% sodium chloride, since the rest of the other minerals cannot be obtained by this means.

Whole grain salt can be obtained in virtually any supermarket and its price is not high, so it should not be a challenge to add it to the preparation.

  • Baking soda : This natural compound is extremely popular worldwide, as it can be used in multiple daily recipes, in addition to having medicinal properties and allowing its use in multiple home remedies such as disinfection, skin whitening and teeth, relieve heartburn, help with indigestion problems or even to reduce sugar levels, control the presence of bad cholesterol in the blood and purify the liver.

The use of sodium bicarbonate will help us replenish some of the sodium lost during training

  • Fruit juice : The main function of fruit juice will be to help improve the taste of the isotonic drink, so its addition is not necessary, unless the palate of the person who consumes it is able to withstand the taste of baking soda. sodium combined with salt and water.

However, as an extra and true benefit we can highlight that fruits are exceptional sources of vitamins and minerals, so adding the juice of lemon, orange, grapefruit or any other fruit will depend on Ultra Keto Boost Reviews everyone’s taste. However, the reason why the use of orange or grapefruit is recommended is because they provide a greater number of calories from glucose and fructose, these energy sources being exceptional for long training sessions.

  • Honey : Honey, strictly natural, is also very suitable (although optional, depending on the taste of each person) to add to isotonic drinks, as it works as a natural sweetener and provides calories quickly absorbed through fructose and glucose, not to mention also that it is rich in nutrients.

The reason why its addition is optional is that it can sweeten the drink too much, which is counterproductive to quench thirst. Depending on the needs of each athlete, the amount added can vary from nothing to a maximum of 3-5 ml per 500 ml of water.

Honey is positioned as a much healthier option than refined sugar, which is rich in sucrose and with no nutritional value, so it is only responsible for providing empty calories. Due to its refinement, sucrose is digested faster, so that its arrival in the bloodstream is also made more rapidly, which means a sudden caloric surplus for the body, triggering a shock that can only be counteracted by increased production of insulin

During this process, the body begins to experience more pronounced feelings of tiredness and lethargy, which encourages us to consume more refined sugar to return to the state of previous euphoria, thus falling into a vicious circle that only subjects us to greater physical stress, negatively affecting performance.

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