How to firm your belly after 50 years?

Weight Loss

Arrived at a certain age, the belly becomes soft and flaccid and the application of a slimming cream sometimes changes nothing. How to find a wasp size after pregnancy and once menopause is installed? Slimphoria Keto What exercises are recommended to strengthen the abdominal belt after 50 years ?

Firm your stomach quickly with weight training and weight training

To get back in shape, you should not only lose weight but also do exercises at home to firm up the desired areas (stomach and / or thighs, for example).

Would you like to have a flat, firm stomach ? Nothing like putting yourself in daily sheathing , without even leaving your home.

To do this, do the plank. Place yourself on the ground, as if you were going to make pumps. Hold the position, resting on your hands, buttocks tight, stomach tucked, for at least 30 sec. Rest for 30 sec and repeat the exercise 3 times. This type of work allows you to build deep muscles and refine your size quickly .

Supplement with a similar exercise. Then support your body with your forearms and align your shoulders and elbows. The rest of the body should be straight. Lift your left leg and hold this posture for 15 seconds, then lift your right leg. Contact your belly again and again.

Finally, the last useful and effective exercise to firm up your belly , lie on your back. Spread your legs the width of your hips and place your arms alongside your body, palms facing the ground. Contract your abdomen and lift your glutes, shoulders flat on the ground. Hold 15 sec and descend. Perform 5 sets of 10 movements.

A less distended belly thanks to pilates or aqua gym

Getting back into sport can be difficult after 50 years. The advice is therefore not to rush your body and avoid, for example, jogging if you have never used it before.

To slowly but surely resume a SlimPhoria Keto Reviews sporting activity and burn belly fat, bet on sports in a swimming pool ( aqua gym or aquabike) or yoga or pilates . In the first case, the action of water has the effect of reducing the orange peel with the pressure it exerts naturally. In the second case, the courses focus on strength training in depth and gently, which limits the risk of injury.

In addition to playing sports and paying attention to your diet, you can practice self massage with the rolling palpation technique to limit the appearance of cellulite. Combined, these little tips pay off.

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