How to firm up your arms after 60 years?

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After 60 years, the women’s bodies change and we see areas appear less firm than before. The arms are particularly affected: arms hanging, soft, flaccid …

The bald effect can be difficult to assume . Fortunately, with an elastic and some tricks, you can improve the appearance of your arms.

Exercises with elastic for toned arms

Elastic workouts are very effective for quickly and easily finding firm arms . You can easily find them in any sports shop from just a few euros.

Here are 2 exercises to say goodbye to flabby arms ( think about warming up before the session , then stretching yourself):

1st year:

Stand up while flexing your legs slightly. Then grab your elastic by each end, and pass it at the back of your back, diagonally (one hand at the shoulder and one at the waist). Stretch it by raising the elbow of the highest arm. The other does not move. Do this movement 15 times on one side, then reverse the position of your arms and start again.

Keep your back straight throughout the exercise and blow with each stretch.

2nd exercise:

Stand up and spread your legs, your feet should be level with your shoulders. Place each end of the elastic in your hands, palms facing the ground. Then slip the elastic under your feet, making sure that the length is equal on each side.

Then lift both arms on each side, inhaling until you reach shoulder height. Then lower the arms while exhaling to return to the initial position.

Do 5 sets of 15 moves, taking a 30-second break between each set.

Be careful: the movements must be fluid, but always controlled.

Why favor the elastic?

Many sportsmen and women use more and more elastics in their fitness or bodybuilding sessions . This does not have anything to chance!

Elastics have several advantages:

– they limit the risk of injury, – they allow work in depth, – you can easily change the elastic to reduce or increase the difficulty and thus continue its progression, – they add a little fun in your workouts.

Other tips for finding firm arms

Many activities will help you keep your arms strong. In addition to your sessions with elastic, you can for example do yoga or go to the pool . Nothing like to build your arms smoothly and get rid of fat .

Pay attention to your diet: weight gain can reinforce the loss of muscle tone.

Also think of essential oils to firm you up : dilute a few drops of rose geranium essential oil and Italian helichrysum essential oil in a small dose of vegetable oil of calophyll. Then use this mixture to massage the inside of your arms.

A simple elastic and some efforts can help you firm your arms and find a nice curve . By following these tips, you can reconcile with your silhouette and limit the effects of time.

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