How many calories in wafers?

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This light little cake we love to nibble at tea time can it be integrated into a slimming diet ? In chocolate , the vanilla or raspberry , which choose not to grow?

A light but treacherous biscuit for my line

An industrial type wafer, bought in supermarkets, contains 27 calories . For a unit, it is little, except that the wafer is so light that it is difficult to be satisfied with only one! This is the trap of this candy as many brands of biscuits or chocolate such as milka .

It contains a lot of carbohydrates , even more if it is filled . Indeed, chocolate , strawberry or caramel, the fodder Impact Keto Max Reviews consists essentially of sugar. As an aperitif, danger with salted wafers! Stuffed with cheese, blue, goat, they are a little more caloric and especially stuffed with chemicals.

The high protein wafer to slim down

The wafer has the enormous advantage of being light and very little fat, much less than its cousin, the Liège waffle . This is the reason why slimming brands offer high protein wafers designed to bring you the energy needed to be fit without getting fat … the pleasure and more. So you can easily find these small biscuits in individual packaging, hazelnut , orange or praline , to consume during any phase of your slimming program .

Keep in mind that these wafers do not contain butter and help you refine, but the non-dietary biscuits brands like nutella  or oreo , they are filled with sugar and fat: they are to be banned completely, therefore.

Homemade wafer recipe with apple

To make homemade waffles and vegan , you need a waffle maker, because all the crispness of this biscuit holds in its cooking. Then you can enjoy the afternoon tea, or for an exceptional dessert, accompanied by an ice cream for example. They are allowed in a Weight Watchers program.


– 120 g of flour

– 120 g of cornflour

– 20 cl of water

– 60 g of powdered sugar

– 20 grams of honey

– 120 g of applesauce, preferably homemade

– 1 egg


The preparation of the dough can be carried out using a thermomix .

– Mix the compote, sugar and water and bring to a boil. Then let cool and put in the fridge for an hour.

– Beat the egg with this mixture

– Add cornflour, flour, mix and Impact Keto Max reserve in the fridge for one night.

– Turn on your wafer maker and cook small amounts of dough. They are cooked when they are golden brown.

– Let them cool before eating.

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