How many calories in the Toblerone?

Weight Loss

Diet, ice cream , coconut rocks or milk chocolate or white often miss you terribly. For example, you’d do well in a Toblerone bar, well placed in the list of your favorite sweets.

But how many calories does it contain? 521 kcal for 100 grams … This is unfortunately too much for you to eat at your leisure.

Toblerone: calories and IG

If the Toblerone is high in calories ,Pinnakkle Keto REVIEWS  it should be noted that this is the case for all chocolates, including that of the famous dark chocolate with 80% cocoa …

If you want to lose weight, the real problem with the Toblerone lies elsewhere: particularly rich in sugar and milk, this chocolate has indeed a high GI. If you abuse it, you may see your blood glucose levels rise very quickly . And it is now well known: this phenomenon is gaining weight …

In summary, to keep the line , consume rather Toblerone occasionally, and in very moderate quantities!

Nutritional value of Toblerone: good and bad

A complex product, the Toblerone has many ingredients, some of which provide interesting nutrients: this is the case of cocoa butter (a source of good fats and antioxidants) or even coconut oil (rich in minerals).

But the Toblerone also contains many allergens: lactose, almonds, soy, egg … Therefore, it is not suitable for people intolerant to these foods, or those who practice the vegan diet . However, this chocolate can be consumed as part of a gluten-free diet .

Finally, although the Toblerone is palm oil-free , its additives and poor quality sugars (such as glucose syrup) make it a much less nutritious food than a good old classic chocolate, with a simple composition. .

“In short, the Toblerone, I forget it? “Instead … If you have a passion to Toblerone, replacing the product of” origin by a homemade chocolate can be a good idea!

Recipe: Toblerone Homemade


– 50 grams of nougat – 20 g of shelled almonds – 400 grams of quality milk chocolate ( avoid white chocolate, much too sweet! )


– Mix the almonds using a suitable robot, thermomix type.

– Add the nougat to pieces, and mix again.

– Place the mixture in a saucepan and add the chocolate in pieces.

– Melt over low heat.

– Pour the mixture into chocolate molds, let it cool, then put it in the refrigerator to cool.

Delicious but bad for the line and Pinnakkle keto unattractive to health, the commercial Toblerone wins to be replaced by a homemade recipe! But always in moderation.

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