Free weights vs machines to gain muscle mass


Surely you have ever asked yourself if the free weights or machines are better , too many people do it and there is no clear answer anywhere, so it would be better to analyze them one by one and depending on what we seek , focus on one or the other.

Free weights to gain muscle mass

The free weights are those exercises that we conducted without the assistance of any axle, pulley, etc … are exercises in which our own muscles are acting as stabilizers, synergists a long chain of work …

The free weights have a number of advantage over the machine exercises, but nevertheless also have drawbacks.

Exercises with free weights allow Flow Fusion Reviews us to stimulate a large amount of muscle mass, so that overall growth will be greater with a smaller number of sets, this makes them very good for beginners. Although this also has the disadvantage that we can trick using other muscles to help us or even have some decompensations, the synergists work more than the muscle that we theoretically want to grow, limiting their weight vs machines to gain muscle

Free weight also allows us to lift a greater amount of weight and have greater freedom of movement, this translates into a greater transfer of performance to other sports and exercises, the latter allows us to recruit a greater amount of muscle fibers and therefore, by damaging more fibers, we will gain more muscle mass.

Free weights also by stimulating more muscles, we burn more calories which make it a very good choice to burn more fat while we are losing weight, this has the disadvantage that sessions with free weights are more demanding, so we have to limit the volume of these and frequency. They also have another serious drawback and it is that certain exercises with free weights work the waist a lot, so it can give us a somewhat rough appearance and it grows in excess.

The machines to gain muscle mass

The machines are those exercises that we perform as the name indicates on some machine with shafts, on pulleys …

They are excellent for isolating muscles , allowing greater growth of that particular muscle without involving others, which is why they are excellent for correcting decompensations.

It is very difficult to trick using machines trying to give impulses and so on, so it is another point in favor if we want to train a certain muscle.

They demand very little energy since they involve only a couple of muscles, so we can add a lot of training without getting too tired (only the muscle to work) and our recovery is not affected, so we can train those muscles for more days a week, which ensures us more growth.

They have the disadvantage that the transfer of strength or performance to other sports is completely void, so they should be used only for weight training.

Also being the guided tour, performing the technique perfectly is very easy as long as we don’t do the donkey, so the possibility of injury is almost nil with this type of exercise.

The congestion is higher with these exercises, so take more blood and nutrients to the muscle, providing more local growth.


If we are beginners or intermediate we will want to gain a large amount of muscle mass throughout the body, so we should not worry about decompensations and that is why free weights should form the bulk of the routine, with some machine exercises here and there .

If we are advanced or intermediate of a certain level, we are interested in focusing more on the machines to gradually Flow Fusion polish our physique in addition to having a large amount of strength, we can not gain too much more, so focus on basic exercises only be would do in case the weight training was done to improve in another specific sport.

Even so, combine both types of bodybuilding exercises always in your routine , you don’t have to decide for one, divide and conquer.

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