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Desserts and ultra-processed food that, unfortunately are very present in the homes of millions of people around the world, have proven to be the main reason why many people not only suffer from overweight and obesity, but also present serious problems of health due to excessive consumption of sugars, sodium and other chemical components with which the body must fight daily.

The coaches and nutritionists have Shape Health Keto it very clear and for that reason it is that no matter the circumstance, even if it is the holiday season, they will always avoid consuming any of these 10 foods … or should we say, food ?.

  1. Fruit cake

Although at first glance it can be a dish that does not cause much damage to the body, since it contains ingredients such as fruits, corn, eggs and sometimes vegetables, the truth is that fruit cakes are distinguished by the fact that today in day, they are mostly prepared in factories that are dedicated to industrial confectionery and therefore, usually make their recipes based on ultraprocessed products, adding large amounts of sugars, salt and preservatives.

In addition to this, we can also find margarine and corn syrup, one of the foods that are most fought against due to the problems that can cause health.

Eating fruit cake on very rare occasions has nothing wrong, however, whenever possible it is best to avoid it or if you fall into temptation, it is best to make sure that it has been prepared at home.

  1. Energy drinks

Given that most professional trainers are people who are on the move almost all day, it is natural to think that they require large amounts of energy to cope with the day-to-day life without complications.

For most people, resorting to the consumption of energy drinks may seem like a great idea, especially due to the marketing work behind these types of products.

However, and as various studies assure, the consumption of energy drinks is not recommended for anyone, because they contain first, large amounts of sugar that raise insulin to unsuspected levels, in addition to also usually integrate Caffeine, a compound that while drunk in moderation is not bad, can eventually cause sleep disorders, among other problems.

  1. Butter Cookies

Butter cookies are usually very popular during the winter season because they behave as an excellent option to accompany with a good cup of coffee or hot chocolate. And the truth is that at first glance they do not seem to be harmful, on the contrary, they are quite rich and very rarely we will want to settle for a couple of them.

And that’s where the problem is, because these types of cookies are very common in the industry, so in order to reduce costs and improve profits, they are usually prepared based on processed products such as margarines that include trans fat and sodium At the same time, sugar and corn oil have a great presence in the composition of these, so they result in a pump harmful to our body.

These cookies so rich and tender in sight are not recommended for Christmas and in fact, they are not recommended for any time of the year, so as far as possible, it is best to avoid them.

  1. Sweets

It is not necessary to say much about Christmas candies and of any kind, these are made simply to be additive, since in some cases they can contain up to 20 grams of sugar in such small portions.

To get an idea of ​​how dangerous this is, health institutions recommend that, on average, an adult man should consume 38 grams of sugar a day, and since sweets can contain 20 or more grams of it, we can catalog them only as products that should not even be seen at Christmas.

  1. Bottled soft drinks

The same goes for bottled soft drinks. These usually contain ridiculous amounts of sugar and in countries like Mexico and the United States are the main factors that give way to diseases such as type II diabetes, due to the high expansion they have on the tables of families of all classes.

Some studies indicate that excessive consumption of bottled soft drinks, in addition to obesity, can lead to other conditions such as dementia, erectile dysfunction and depression.

Contrary to what many believe, sugar-free or calorie-free sodas are also not the solution to these types of problems and so that they can have a sweet taste, these are added with compounds such as aspartame and that has been tested, it is harmful for health by causing changes in the metabolic rate and the circadian system.

  1. Margarine

Margarine is used by many people as a quick substitute for butter because it is believed to be a healthier product because it does not contain so many levels of fat.

However, we must bear in mind that margarine is a processed product and therefore, its composition is mainly based on trans and sodium fats, mainly. Trans fats on the other hand, are closely related to high levels of bad cholesterol in the blood, which leads to the possible development of heart disease.

In the same way as explained in the corresponding article, margina and butter is an exemplary case of how the calories in food are not always the same and because the first one has a lower caloric intake does not mean that it is Healthier than its counterpart.

  1. Cheese-based foods

During the Christmas holidays it is common to find dishes made with cheese, and of course, if this is one of the most exquisite foods we have at our disposal. The problem with this lies in the fact that the cheese that is consumed frequently is usually made in large factories that, in addition to milk, use other compounds to speed up the fermentation or curdling process that, in many cases, provide large amounts of additives.

In addition, they are also known for the ridiculous amount of salt they have, not to mention fat, making them creditors of calories at unsuspected levels.

For that reason it is that preparations such as gratin potatoes, cheesecakes, lasagna, among others; Although very rich, they are not the healthiest and, in fact, it is best to avoid them at all costs.

  1. Breaded and / or fried snacks

Breaded snacks are another great example of how unhealthy a single meal can be. During the Christmas season, preparations such as sausages and other sausages accompanied by fried bread such as mini-hot dogs are usually very frequent at party tables.

In addition to the great damage that the sodium that these sausages contain, they also have agents and other substances that can lead to the development of cancer, not to mention the calories they provide.

  1. “Special” coffees of the big franchises

The capuccinos, mokaccinos and other eccentricities that are usually served in the cafes of the largest franchises, can seem quite attractive and fun, which encourages many people to fall prey to their charms.

What not many know is that these peculiar preparations not only contain coffee, but also add several grams of sugar, as well as other hypercaloric compounds and additives that do not provide any benefit to the body. On average, a medium-sized coffee can reach between 400 and 600 calories, an amount that certainly leaves a lot to talk about and worth worrying about.

  1. Ice cream

Ice creams are other great enemies of the most experienced coaches and nutritionists. And it is that this is one of the Shape Health Keto Reviews products that has raised more popularity in recent years, to the point that in order to increase its production, large companies are in need of resorting to the use of chemical compounds, preservatives and everything type of artificial substances to simulate the taste of an authentic fruit ice cream.

Not to mention sugar, where there can be up to 20 grams of it in a small portion, which is equivalent to more than half of the sugar that an average adult should consume per day.

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