Dry program for men in 1 month

Weight Loss

Having muscles that are finely drawn and very apparent is the definition of what is called “being dry” in terms of bodybuilding . To have a musculature drawn in this way, there are not 36 solutions: the body must consume any excess energy that could be transformed into fat.

This may seem complicated, but after a quick review of how energy consumption works, we will see that with proper nutrition and training, it is quite possible to have good results over a month.

Dry in one month: natural diet example

It is quite possible to dry without food supplement , often expensive. The principle, to consume its fat mass is already to consume fewer calories than one spends. But also, it makes it known that the easiest way to lose fat is going to be to play on the amount of carbohydrates absorbed. It will be necessary to reduce the quantity little by little. Sample menu.

First of all, this men’s menu is based on a contribution of 1900 kcal per day. This corresponds to a relatively small contribution for an active man. Care must be taken to balance the protein / carbohydrate ratio. You can go on a 50% carbohydrate basis , if you’re addicted to pasta, but the idea is to go down quickly to 30-35%. Also be sure to keep at least 10% and around 15% fat, ie fat.

They are essential to the good functioning of the organism: it is necessary simply to vary their origin and to make sure that they are of good quality .

Example of composition of a plate:

  • 1/4 pasta or whole rice
  • 1/4 steak or white meat
  • 1/2 vegetables

Add two nice tablespoons of quality oil

This typical plate will allow you to have a menu that gives you the right amount of inputs, make sure to consume fat and good quality products: it’s like putting the right essence in a car, it’s essential.

Drying in a natural month: bodybuilding without equipment

To be well dry, we will take care to limit its gain of muscular mass . It will therefore be preferred to long series and without weight. Breastfeeding will break the muscle fiber and restore it to a larger extent, while a long-term, smooth work will result in an elongated and thin muscle fiber.

Different bodybuilding methods have put in place targeted training programs that are very effective depending on the goal. Focus on the full body for the dry. Remember to wear light weight for you.

– squats : 3 * 10 sets, rest 2mn30- Supination Tractions: 3 * 10 sets, rest 2 min- Developed Lying: 3 * 10 sets, rest 2 min- Curl bar: 3 * 12 sets, rest 1min30- Triceps forehead bar : 3 * 12 sets, rest 1min30- Crunches : 3 * 14 sets, rest 30 sec- Side elevations: 3 * 14 sets, rest 1min30- Triceps forehead bar: 3 * 12 sets, rest 1min30

Loss of fat: biological principles

The energy comes from the degradation of external organic substrates: to make simple, a cell of our body synthesizes the contributions of a cell of our food to remove that which brings us energy.

The consumption and the production of energy in our body are intimately linked: at the level of the cell, the exo energy reactions spontaneously release energy, which allows an endoenergetic reaction to occur. In French, you need energy to produce energy. This is called the ATP cycle.

For this function to work well, it is still necessary that the energy available to the cells is of good quality. This operation is intimately linked to the respiratory intensity: the faster a body breathes, the more its muscular activity is intense, the more its energy consumption needs are important. This is the cycle of krebs.

We understand in a few lines the importance, first of all, to have a suitable diet, then to practice a sporting activity.

Remember to lengthen your series as you gain comfort. It is also possible to apply methods without hardware, such as the Lafay method, very effective and freely available on the internet.

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