Does running make you lose weight?

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Water retention , overweight and poor venous return are the main causes of big calves. Being unpleasant from the aesthetic point of view, many people have studied the subject to find solutions.

Among them, running is at the top of the list. So, does running really make you lose weight? This is what we will quickly discover through this article.

Running to have refined calves

Your calves are in high demand when you jog . At every step you take, you burn not only calories, but also a lot of fat. Your muscles are also stressed, allowing you to refine them.

Just look at the body of the race athletes to see how thin they are and realize that running is a good calf . However, like any exercise, it is necessary to realize it well to obtain the desired effects.

How to slim down calves?

Sport is an activity that must be managed to achieve satisfactory results . Running, you put a strain on your calves. Therefore, to lose volume, the secret is to do repeated exercises, but in small doses.

Indeed, following an intensive program will only aggravate the situation, since you will end up with big calves, well muscled. So, how does one proceed and how long can one see the effects?

30 minutes of jogging every other day is enough for you to get the silhouette of your dreams . At the end of the first week, the changes should begin to show.

To speed up the process, consider reviewing your diet by eating healthy and balanced . Using stockings would also be a good idea.

Running keeps you healthy

In addition to melting your fat and toning your muscles, running also helps you stay healthy. Indeed, it improves your blood circulation and allows you to fight against the retention of water by removing the excess liquid by perspiration. Thus, you act on your entire body while sculpting that part of the body that plays an important role in seduction, especially in women.

The most recommended sport to refine your calves is to jog. It solicits all your muscles and plays the role of fat-burning . However, you must know how to manage your schedule to get the desired effects and review your diet in parallel to have a better result.

You now have all the cards in hand to remedy your problem, so it’s up to you!

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