Back exercises that increase your thickness quickly


It is not difficult to see backs that look like aircraft carriers in a common gym , just as wide, but totally flat. Currently, all the aesthetics of the back, to a greater extent, lies in the thickness of this, which gives Black Label X Reviews back thickness are trapezoids, posterior deltoids, rhomboids … developed, that when you wear a shirt on, it is “full of lumps ”behind, do you understand what I say? Then I will let you know several back exercises that will make it thicken considerably

Back exercises to gain muscle mass

Currently we can differentiate two types of back exercises ; those of thickness and those of breadth.

By those of breadth we can understand those that are executed by pulling on the vertical axis, such as the dominated ones and the pulls.

By those of thickness we can understand those that are executed by pulling on the horizontal axis, such as oars.

It should be noted that the back amplitude exercises also give thickness, and vice versa, but not in the same way.

The best exercises to gain back thickness

To get a back in 3 dimensions, the best exercises are the following:

Rowing yachts supine

Great work on the trapezius and upper back in general, the supine grip allows good recruitment of the triceps and the lower dorsal.

Rowing with dumbbell

Great work on the rhomboids, trapezoids and good recruitment of the dorsal, with a wide range of movement and stretching, essential to correct imbalances.

Rowing on tip

My favorite exercise and that of most bodybuilders, the stretching it produces along with all the work it brings to all areas of the trapeze (low, middle and upper) is totally incredible.

Rowing on low pulley

Very used in the golden age of bodybuilding, if done correctly, it provides a great job to the lower back, both dorsal and trapezius.

Rowing on low pulley wide grip on chest

Similar to his brother in a tight grip on the chest, but this gives us more work in the mid-upper back.

These are in my opinion and according to the results in me and my clients the best exercises to gain muscle mass in the back as thick as possible.

Execution Tips

In the execution of the exercises for back is where more mistakes are made, in other muscle groups such as the pectoral or the triceps it is very easy to recruit them, since they are push exercises and are easier at the neural level, but it is not so with pull exercises like the back.

First, you must keep the scapulae retracted throughout the movement, to minimize the involvement of other muscle groups such as the biceps, then, you should not hit and at the end of the concentric phase, hold the weight for 1 second to eliminate inertia, in addition that the back responds very well to static contractions.


Use these back exercises in your routine and apply this simple technique execution advice to improve the muscular Black Label X development of your back and achieve that aspect in three dimensions that you have always wanted to have. And of course, combine these powerful back exercises with the training and feeding system that I use and that I will never tire of recommending, since it is the best thing on the web to develop powerful muscles.

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