5 excellent options for breakfast and weight loss

Weight Loss

I will present you 6 excellent breakfast options with great benefits for your health, in addition to helping you lose weight.

In a large number of places it is recommended to eat cereal for breakfast, but if you do not want to consume it due to its Super Fast Keto Boost Reviews high sugar content (and if you do not like those that do not have sugar), then I will present 6 excellent breakfast options With great benefits for your health .

Surely you have heard on more than one occasion that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that is because it really is, even skipping breakfast can end up creating a metabolic disorder in some people, as well as fatigue, headaches , poor physical and mental performance and even bad mood.

So for that simple reason we want to share with you some good alternatives to have a fast and healthy breakfast without having to eat cereal every morning.

Healthy and fast breakfasts

1.- Protein based drink

If, like me, you are one of those people who in the morning do not feel like any solid food, you can opt for a drink based on whey protein , since this protein is one of the most bioavailable, what you want To say that the body will take advantage of it almost completely. Even in some research they have associated their consumption with fat loss when consumed on an empty stomach .

It is also an excellent option when you are going to train in the morning, since the resting energy expenditure will be greater throughout the day than if you would take a supplement based on carbohydrates, in addition to this type of drinks are an excellent option for A good recovery after exercising.

We could say that the only disadvantage is that being a drink, gastric emptying is much faster, so a good option is to mix it with milk and consume it with some fruit.

2.- Oatmeal

Although oatmeal is also a cereal, it is different from the classic rice, corn or wheat flakes. Oatmeal is actually an excellent option for breakfast, in addition to producing a good feeling of satiety . It also has a good amount of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin Ba, iron, calcium, selenium, potassium, zinc and magnesium, which have many functions in the metabolism and immunity of our body.

It has a great contribution of fiber, which is an excellent protector of our heart, since its consumption can lower bad cholesterol levels and blood glucose levels.

For all this, oatmeal is an excellent option, especially for people suffering from dyslipidemias and diabetes.

3.- Egg

Without doubt one of the most popular breakfasts is the egg, and it is not for nothing. The egg is the best source of protein we can find. In addition to that we can prepare it in a delicious omelette with vegetables (tomatoes, chilies, mushrooms, spinach, etc …) and complement it with a slice of bread and fruit.

You should try not to combine the egg with other sources of animal protein, such as ham, sausage and sausage, since the quality of these foods is somewhat low, so you would only be decreasing the quality of the egg and Some of the advantages of its consumption.

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4.- Sandwich

Maybe you did not imagine it on this list, but in reality you can also opt for a delicious sandwich , since today there is a wide variety of breads from which you can choose, being the integral one of the best options you have. If you want to make it healthier you can change the mayonnaise and butter for avocado, in addition to that you can complement it with some healthy slices of tomato, a little lettuce, cheese, chicken, salmon or ham.

You can also eat some fruit so you have a good breakfast with vitamins, minerals and fiber.

5.- Yogurt

You can also choose to eat some Yogurt, although you should be careful with its sugar level. These are an excellent source of vitamin D and calcium, which are related to healthy cholesterol levels and weight loss. You can also mix it with your favorite fruit or add some almonds or nuts to make it even healthier.

Bonus.- Accompany breakfast with green tea

An excellent option is to accompany your breakfast with green tea , since it is true that its consumption is related to a greater oxidation of fats, although this does not mean that if you take it all day you will lose large amounts of fat, especially if you are not doing Exercise and you don’t have a balanced diet.

Green tea has an excellent amount of antioxidants that protect you against different types of cancer. Try not to combine your tea with eche, since this way it loses its antioxidant effects.

Certain studies have linked the consumption of green tea as a protector in neurons, thus reducing the risk of Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease. In addition to helping to lower levels of bad cholesterol and control blood glucose.


Now you know that other foods Super Fast Keto Boost are perfect for a healthy and fast breakfast in addition to cereal. So you don’t have any more excuses to be saying “I don’t know what to have for breakfast …”. Remember that

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