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Are you tired of repeating diets that promise you a flat stomach ? So instead, adopt a healthy lifestyle and incorporate Keto Sculpt the following 30 foods into your diet . Reassuring and low in calories, they also increase your metabolism and have health benefits for the most part.

  1. Oats

Very oatmeal food, oat slowly releases its natural energy into the body, throughout the day. So eat it in the morning for breakfast to be satiated (e) long. You will eat less at the following meals and it will make you lose weight. And it will even lower your cholesterol level.

  1. The almonds

They contain a lot of protein and vitamin E that stimulate the skin, and contain a lot of fiber that cuts hunger. Replace your morning snack with a handful of almonds.

  1. Leafy vegetables

To flatten your recalcitrant belly, put a serving of curly cabbage , romaine lettuce or spinach at each meal. They are rich in essential vitamins and minerals , extremely low in calories and filled with fiber. And they effectively fight against fluid retention , without triggering bloating and other discomfort.

  1. Dry beans

Packed with nutrients, fiber and protein, dry beans are low in calories and slowly release energy. They will satisfy you and their high protein content will help maintain your tone and strengthen your muscles. So choose red bean chili (not beef) and prefer burritos to hamburgers.

  1. Peppermint

Known for its powerful healing properties and to soothe digestion , the best way to consume peppermint is to drink it in the form of tea. Buy it preferably and drink 3 cups a day. Not only will it make you lose belly but it will clean your skin.

  1. Olive oil

This fat will help you lose your extra pounds. In fact, its polyunsaturated fatty acids will prevent any cramp due to hunger and its oleic acid will facilitate the decomposition of excess fat in the body.

  1. Cranberry juice

Containing a lot of antioxidants and vitamin C, cranberry juice is an excellent diuretic and will encourage your body to get rid of excess fluids through urine and stool. So replace your glass of morning orange juice with a glass of unsweetened cranberry juice .

  1. Green tea

Prefer green tea to black tea to dislodge excess fluid in your body . It will also soothe bloating (due to water retention) and speed up your metabolism, which will promote the burning of excess fat .

  1. Asparagus

They contain vitamins A, B, C and E , plenty of potassium (which removes excess fluids from the body) and plenty of zinc (good for the skin). In addition, they are often used to treat rheumatism and arthritis.

  1. Chili pepper

It can stimulate metabolism and help burn cellulite faster . In addition, it contains beta-carotene (very important for the nails, hair and skin) and twice the recommended daily intake of vitamin C.

  1. Garlic

Each pod contains antioxidants and a lot of allicin, able to destroy viruses and dangerous bacteria, especially in the digestive tract. So add fresh raw garlic to your dishes, just before serving, to get the maximum benefit!

  1. The tomatoes

Full of antioxidants and versatile, they help to lose weight. Indeed, they reduce water retention and act on leptin (hormone that regulates appetite).

  1. The banana

Contrary to belief, eating a banana helps to lose weight and not to get caught. It will bring you zinc (essential for keeping skin healthy), a slow release of energy (to make you feel full longer), nutrients (to improve the capacity of your brain) and potassium (to relieve cramps and water retention).

  1. The melon

Low in calories, half a melon contains almost twice as much potassium as banana and contains a lot of antioxidants that will help Keto Sculpt REVIEWS eliminate excess fluid in the body. Preferably choose Cantaloupe melon which brings in twice the recommended dose of vitamin C , necessary to keep a beautiful looking and strengthen the immune system.

  1. The cucumber

Belonging to the same family as melon, it has almost the same slimming properties. It also prevents water retention and helps reduce bloating . A slimming and detox recipe idea : mix cucumbers, watercress, mint and dried beans for a special flat stomach lunch.

  1. Ginger

A spicy root often used to help digestion , ginger has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-nausea properties.

  1. The artichoke

Rich in fiber (which relieves bloating and speeds up the digestive process ), artichokes contain few calories and are often prescribed by nutritionists to treat digestive disorders.

  1. The berries

Small but powerful, berries are extremely rich in antioxidants and fiber. For example, a cup of raspberries contains 6 grams of fiber . Low in calories, it’s nice to add a handful of berries to your morning cereal or smoothie.

  1. The lawyer

Soothing the digestive system after irritation by heat (caused by chili and spices), the avocado is full of antioxidants.

  1. Peanuts

Even if they have a very bad reputation in the world of nutrition , a small handful of peanuts to taste will prevent you from overeating. They are rich in omega fatty acids, vitamin E (excellent for the skin) and fiber.

  1. Brown rice

This complex carbohydrate is perfect for toning and flattening the belly because it is rich in vitamins and proteins (which contribute to muscle building). It is better than white rice because with the vitamin B it contains, it helps burn calories much faster.

  1. The quinoa

Quinoa is a complete grain that combines vitamin B , fiber, protein and complex carbohydrates. It will help to improve the functioning of your metabolism and burn the cellulite of your belly very quickly.

  1. The natural yoghurt

Probiotic, it helps fight against bloating of the stomach because it contains live bacteria helping specifically the digestive process. Choose a low fat to limit intake of saturated animal fats .

  1. Pineapple

Pineapple regulates the stomach and relieves bloating and burning with a digestive enzyme that benefits. Rich in natural sugar (fructose), it will stop all your cravings for sweet cravings.

  1. Salmon

Very good source of lean protein and also carrier of omega 3 and fatty acids, it is ideal to consume it steamed or grilled with a little lemon. Serve your salmon with asparagus to make a special meal flattening the belly.

  1. Mackerel

A high-protein and low-fat fatty fish , it is a good source of omega-3s and helps the brain function with the 6 crucial fatty acids it contains. Thanks to him, you will be slimmer and smarter.

  1. The pear

The pear contains pectin which is very diuretic and helps you fight against water retention. Rich in fiber, it also ensures good intestinal transit with a good digestive process and creates a feeling of fullness.

  1. The lemon

Add it to all your infusions as it is an excellent detoxifier and a powerful and effective natural weapon against water retention. It will help you reach your goal of belly loss much faster.

  1. Lenses

Just eat 2 servings a week to get a flatter belly because they contain a lot of fibrous proteins, complex carbohydrates and different nutrients.

  1. The leek

They are rich in vitamin C and potassium, which quickly relieves excess weight around your stomach, due to water retention.

So, if you follow our wise advice , by adding these 30 slimming foods to your daily food program , your goal of getting a slender belly will become a reality. Do not hesitate to prepare them creatively to satisfy all your desires of treats, like raspberries immersed in Greek yogurt with a sauce with Grand Marnier and brown sugar for example …

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