3 exercises to firm up your chest

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The breast can lose firmness due to pregnancy, poor posture, passing years or weight loss. With proper exercises, easy to perform, practical and very effective, you can firm your chest quickly.

So here are 3 exercises to do in a gym or in your home to have a chest of dreams!

Flexions to firm your chest without surgery

This effective exercise is easy to perform. You can do it any time of the day, you do not need special equipment.

To perform your exercise, just put yourself face a wall, to spread your feet to an identical width away from your hips. Put the palm of each hand against this wall, at your shoulders. The arms must be parallel and stretched. Bend your elbows gently, flexing several times, do not remove your hands from the wall . Do a dozen rehearsals, a two-minute break and start again.

Butterflies on a weight bench for a firm chest

It is possible to quickly firm up your chest with a weight bench.

Lie on your back at the weight bench of your gym. Take a weight of 1.5 kg in each hand for example . Spread your arms over Ultra Keto Fuel your chest and lower them on each side by making a slight curve with your elbows, do this until your arms are parallel to the floor . Remember to keep a slight curve to return to the starting position.

You can also do this exercise while standing, with your legs apart at a width that is identical to that of your shoulders and with your knees bent just a little. Hold a dumbbell in each hand . Stretch your arms up to your shoulders and bring them to the middle of your chest.

With the arms still parallel to the floor, extend the arms outward. You must do at least 2 sets of 10 repetitions to naturally strengthen and tone your bust.

To make butterflies regularly is to say goodbye to a sagging and flabby breast!

Hooks with dumbbells to firm the chest

Take your dumbbell in each hand and put one foot back so that your feet are offset. Bend your knees. Bend your elbows, open your arms at the sides, with your palms facing out.

The dumbbells should be at the height of your shoulders . Bring your left fist slightly to the right. Your fist must be aligned with your chest. Return to the starting position. Do the same thing with your right fist, bring it to the left . Return to the starting position. This exercise helps to work the muscles of your bust.

So your body undergoes changes that are often unpleasant, and the drooping or flabby chest is part of these inconveniences. But it is not necessary to undergo an operation to have a beautiful chest, curved and firm .

Effective exercises that target this part of your body, allow you to naturally firm your chest. For women who want to have a firmer breast before delivery , they have a natural solution to their problem!

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