10 activities to lose 300 calories a day

Fitness Tips

When you are not a passionate sportsman, practicing a regular physical activity is not necessarily pleasant . A fortiori if we do not vary the exercises. Likewise, with a certain routine, the body becomes accustomed and therefore does not burn calories as efficiently.

For all these reasons, it is useful to plan a wide range of activities that allow you to spend about 300 calories a day . 300 is good, it’s a good way to lose weight and stay slim without risking over training.

The running

Lose weight easily while running is not a utopia and does not ask to become a seasoned athlete. Indeed, if 45 minutes of racing burns 450 calories, half an hour is enough to reach the fateful figure of 300!

It is also not necessary to run every day because recovery phases are an integral part of this sport. A jog, a pair of basketball and you look great!


This activity includes fast walking , Nordic, aquatic that has the merit of combining walking and the beach or hiking. In general, thirty intensive minutes are enough and more, it’s good for your cardio!


If this choice is made frequently: at the office, at home, in the shops, always prefer the staircase and make a cross on the lifts and escalators. This is how you get more simple, naturally and without having the impression of really playing sports.

Ready to change your habits a bit?


In the pool as at the beach, all occasions are good! Dive and lose weight while swimming! Again, the goal is to alternate several activities, so there is no need to schedule a session every other day. The point of swimming is that you lose weight effectively by swimming and tanning at the same time.


Reflecting a little, it is obvious that at some point, depending on your goals , it will have to harden a little bit your training. This is precisely where the bodybuilding comes in. Solo or indoors, it does not matter. the bottom line is that you will not go down without doing anything or watching TV.

An outdoor leisure

Find a passion outdoors: gardening, photography, bird watching … Whatever your passion will make you move and get some fresh air. It will be useful. Even a few minutes a day can make a difference.

The sauna

After the effort, comfort! Do not deprive yourself, long live the sauna . However, remember to hydrate yourself well and not abuse it.


With roller skating, you will find your child’s soul at the same time as the line, all of which is to find your balance while standing!

The bike

Cycling is often associated with running and swimming for a complete workout but beyond that , if you have children, this is the perfect opportunity to do a family activity and take care of yourself at the same time.

Playing with children

If you do not lose weight while knitting, it becomes possible by reserving even 45 minutes of games with his children. A little balloon, skipping rope , running in the garden … The air of nothing, you will spend very quickly your 300 calories!

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